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1. What kind of services do you provide?
We provide: domestic and commercial cleaning as well as ironing and laundry services
2. What sort of jobs are the cleaners prepared to do?
The trained and qualified staff of Liliya Cleaning is prepared to handle all sorts of tasks required by their job.
3. Can I specify the day the cleaner comes?
Sure! You can chose whatever day suits you best for the cleaner(s) to come.
4. Can I use the service once a month?
Of course. We continuously try to tailor our services according to the needs and wishes of our clients.
5. Will I have the same cleaner every time?
6. Can I have a cleaner just for an hour?
Unfortunately, we have a minimum of 2 hrs per visit.
7. What happens if the cleaner lets us down?
If you are not happy with your current cleaner, we will change it.
8. Will you be able to provide me the same service if I move to a different area?
Absolutely! Liliya Cleaning strives to provide the same level of quality service, no matter the location.
9. What will happen if there is a mistake and the cleaner doesn’t come on the day?
We will try and correct the mistake and we will make sure that the cleaner is always on time for the day.
10. Who pays the cleaner, or how we will deal with the payments?
Liliya Cleaning employs its own staff and deals with any payments personally. All payments are made payable to Liliya Cleaning Company, whether in cash or cheque.
11. What happens if the cleaner break something?
Liliya Cleaning is fully ensured and will cover any caused damages to your property.
12. How do you vet the cleaners?
Liliya Cleaning vet its prospective applicants in the following:
- Immigration Status; - Proof of identity and home address; - Past work history and references; - General personality suitability We will make sure the cleaners are fully prepared before attending your property.
13. How do you ensure reliability and honesty?
We ensure that our cleaners will operate in a reliable and honest manner. Personality traits and sense of integrity are also advisory.
14. If I am happy when can you start?
As soon as you would like to.
15. OK, I want to go ahead. What happens next?
You can either call us on: 0191 209 2279 or 0780 758 1232
Alternatively, you may e-mail us your specific requirements using our 'Book An Interview’ on-line form.
We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss arrangements.

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